Play Areas/Ballcourt Equipment

Our play area and ballcourt activities focus on the provision of play and ballcourt equipment, along with the landscaping and maintenance of surrounding areas. Play area and ballcourt contracts normally involve installing play and ballcourt equipment, gates, fencing and surrounding street furniture. Auxiliary tasks such as tarmacadam and rubber safety surfacing, kerbing and earthworks are also involved with our work. We are aware of the legal standards required for fitting play equipment, and ensure that these are met through assessing risks, and especially critical fall heights, prior to installation.


Play area and ballcourt contracts often enable us to utilise a mixture of soft and hard landscaping skills. This is because they can involve a wide spectrum of the activities mentioned above, and enable the experience, knowledge and skills of our workforce to be evident in our work. The range of soft and hard landscaping skills in our workforce also enable us to regularly take on these contracts without clients needing to use other contractors to complete other aspects of their work.



Play Area Contract Work for Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council, Huyton