Soft Landscaping

Our soft landscaping activities include tree and shrub planting and removal, bulk excavation, cultivation, filling, topsoil, ground cover, herbaceous and bulb planting, along with turfing, mulching, and grass/wildflower seeding operations.


Our soft landscaping teams, which normally consist of 2-4 people, include a senior foreman. He/she is responsible for ensuring all work is completed as quickly as possible, to high quality targets set by Marbury and its clients, and in a structured manner that meets deadlines. Senior foreman also play an active part in on-the-job-training, as they will act as a mentor for less experienced workmen who can learn any additional skills, knowledge and working practices required to meet our standards.


We also use regular training sessions to ensure that all workmen have the required knowledge of our plants. Whilst this mainly covers plant identification, it also ensures that there is a basic understanding of the plants. This includes aspects such as suitable living conditions, pruning requirements and eventual sizes. All workmen undergo relevant job-specific training to further assist them with their duties; notably, we have several of our workmen progressing towards the completion of the NVQ Level 2 in Horticulture.


Below, we have displayed pictures of some of the soft landscaping work we have completed.



Outside Landscaping Contract for O2, Preston Brook