Environmental Issues

Marbury Landscapes is determined to ensure that we not only perform as a leading supplier of landscaping, fabrication and nursery services, but that we do so in an environmentally friendly manner. We are consistently looking to improve our environmental performance, and along with our clients, we have high targets in environmental performance.


In addition to the Waste Carriers' Licence (certificate number NSO/548589) that we hold, we have a series of environmental measures that are put in place to achieve the environmental preservation goals of ourselves and our clients.


From the production side of our business, we plan our activities so that we only use the materials required, hence ensuring that less material is put to waste. We also plan travel routes by assessing the most efficient way of travelling to sites, both in terms of time and in terms of environmental impact. All of our vans and wagons use diesel technology, and we aim to replace the vans (which are the main vehicles used for our work) every four to seven years. This enables us to keep our vans up to date with the consistently improving and more environmentally friendly diesel technology. The main vans used for our work also have Masternaut Three X tracker devices fitted; these enable us to contribute towards environmental preservation through monitoring the routes taken and engine idling times. We pre-determine routes and schedules to be used on our contracts, in order to obtain the right balance between travelling time and fuel consumption, and aim to minimise engine idling, as this is a cause of environment pollution.


We aim to recycle as much waste as possible. All green waste is composted at our depot and re-used within the business, whilst clean glass, plastic and hardcore materials are sent for recycling at a local waste collection firm. Our works involve the occasional collection of sharps, such as needles and syringes. Once filled, sharps boxes are taken to a local sharps disposal company and incinerated. We also try to reduce waste pollution by planning the amount of material required before a task, hence reducing the amount of waste produced before production occurs.


Marbury Landscapes is committed to reducing its carbon footprint, and has initialised working practices that will help towards achieving this. These include rainwater harvestation and encouraging the minimisation of energy, electricity and water usage. We expect and encourage all of our employees to work towards this in a sensible and practical way.


Upon induction, staff are provided with suitable guidance and training on how to meet environmental targets. Along with the Business Development and Contracts Manager, all workmen are responsible for monitoring and working the success of meeting and improving our performance in this area. Performance and targets are regularly set and assessed.


Further information about our environmental objectives, the work we put in and other environmental targets are available by reading our Environmental Policy. We also have a Green Waste Policy and Green Agenda which gives further outlines about our efforts towards recycling and green practices in these areas.